PILI needs you!

The stats for this blog suggest we have a lot of regular readers and the occasional reader from Brazil (Ola Amigo!). Thank you for reading all about the making of Pili and your thoughts and feedback along the way. We have called in a LOT of favours in the making of this film and now … More PILI needs you!


What to spot at the International AIDS Conference

  As the international HIV/AIDS community pack their bags and head to Durban for the International AIDS Conference next week, I’ve put together a list of things to look out for at the conference. PILI won’t be finished until the end of August so expect a MEGA screening to take place at the next conference … More What to spot at the International AIDS Conference


I realised this morning when dodging the Balham sunshine over coffee with Sound Editor Tom that I’ve said nothing about the excellent post-production team that are polishing PILI. This is an egregious error on my part as this team have been working hard and pulling in favours all over the shop to get the final … More Posties

Making things official

Oof, anyone want a repeat of the last week? With everything that’s been happening in UK politics and Director Leanne lost in a field in Somerset I’ve been somewhat distracted from PILI. When news loops, facebook arguments, and twitter links become overwhelming I retreat to my two safe havens: dancing around to loud music and … More Making things official

Feeling Naked

Sharing your work is the worst. You want people to watch what you have made/read your publications/pay attention but the process of putting it out there and waiting for the feedback is flesh crawlingly awkward. Think about every time you got some work returned at school that you were really proud of or worked hard … More Feeling Naked