The completion of a project is rarely accompanied by fireworks or applause but usually an email confirmation or the handing over of a piece of work to an administrator. The completion of a project is often weirdly anti-climatic, especially when the end takes so many tweaks and is all too often nearly-finished. I’ve been here … More COMPLETED!!!

Feeling Naked

Sharing your work is the worst. You want people to watch what you have made/read your publications/pay attention but the process of putting it out there and waiting for the feedback is flesh crawlingly awkward. Think about every time you got some work returned at school that you were really proud of or worked hard … More Feeling Naked

I need some FLAVA!

Editor Kant, Director Leanne, and Translator Kwame are speedily working away on the edit, which means I need to turn my attention to new things-i-didnt-envisage-me-doing-this-time-last-year (an occasional series) but need to get on with – music for the film!   We need a bangin bongo flava tune for the film, so…   Are you an … More I need some FLAVA!

Known Unknowns

You know you need a break when you start thinking there is wisdom to be found in Donald Rumsfeld. As the holiday season is upon us and I am trying to wrap up as much as possible before going on leave, it is Rumsfeld’s idea of known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns that are … More Known Unknowns

A TaSUBa Gem

 Charles, Leanne and Nkwabi The Tanzania College of Arts was established in Bagamoyo 1981 as a centre of excellence to promote drama, music and dance in Tanzania. Never to overlook a portentous sign, 1981 was also the year I was born so I decided this must be love before I even entered the main building. … More A TaSUBa Gem