While I spend time fretting over insurance and budgets, Director Leanne and Cinematographer Craig have been drawing stick people and wheels on post it notes. And adding $$ signs to the screenplay to send me into budget-control overdrive. Note ‘DRONE?’ er, a drone? $$$$$!!!!! For anyone who spent their school years doodling on your homework … More Storyboarding

Squeaky Bum Time, Swahiliwood and Shuga

  Squeaky bum time continues this week in pre-production planning. It has been another trying week with new obstacles cropping up, but these obstacles have been met with a solutions-orientated crew, committed people in Tanzania, a great support system at Queen Mary (with research manager and administration Director getting their heads around all sorts of … More Squeaky Bum Time, Swahiliwood and Shuga

Cinematographer Craig, Aesthetics and Representations of Africa

Aesthetics are political and representations of Africa deeply political. The cinematography of the film is important both to enhance the story and to tread the delicate balance of representing the lives and stories of the women we are working with and avoiding racial and gendered metaphors of ‘Africanness,’ orientalist narratives of ‘otherness,’ and cosmopolitan clichés … More Cinematographer Craig, Aesthetics and Representations of Africa

AIDS in 2016

2016 is a big year for HIV/AIDS. Strategy and investment meetings at the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria will continue to shape the future of HIV/AIDS financing – and it’s not looking good; the 21st International AIDS Conference where scientific breakthroughs tend to be launched will take place in Durban in July; … More AIDS in 2016