RIP Snake/Njoka Man

Sad news from Miono, Juma Nasoro Malema – aka the snake/njoka man of Miono, and possibly the hardest person I’ve met – has died. His reputation as a man who could calm and catch snakes, and treat those with snake bites extended beyond Miono to most of Tanzania. People in Miono tell me he was … More RIP Snake/Njoka Man

Unseen Heroes

  December 2015 – January 2016 were not the best times for this project. I was stuck in the biggest patch of Film Board mud incapable of getting anywhere with the permit I had applied and paid for. As my partner put it at the time, this was stressing me out as it was testing … More Unseen Heroes

I need some FLAVA!

Editor Kant, Director Leanne, and Translator Kwame are speedily working away on the edit, which means I need to turn my attention to new things-i-didnt-envisage-me-doing-this-time-last-year (an occasional series) but need to get on with – music for the film!   We need a bangin bongo flava tune for the film, so…   Are you an … More I need some FLAVA!