QUEEN of Bongo Flava Shaa

What do you get when you cross the swag of Rihanna with the grind of Beyonce and sprinkle with Bongo Flava? Shaa! I have been sat on some exciting news for a couple of weeks waiting for everything to be signed off but am delighted to say that the QUEEN of Bongo Flava – Shaa – has kindly agreed for us to use her music in the film. This is the best news ever because I love Shaa’s music and her record company have been super kind and generous in allowing us to use it for free given that the film intends to raise money for the women in it.

If you are unfamiliar with the work of Shaa then you need to start shrugging your shoulders to ‘Siri ya Penzi’ and then proceed straight to itunes to buy it.



Having Shaa involved in the film ups the ante even more for making this film a success. We now have a film that looks fabulous accompanied by tunes from the Tanzanian Beyonce. No pressure. When PILI makes it to a film festival, Director Leanne and I will perform the moves from ‘Sugua Gaga’



Seriously, everyone go and buy Shaa’s music. Shaa is the best.


And of course big up Shaa, MJ Records Tanzania, and the magic fixer Suheil for making the connection.


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