The Picture and the Tattoo

Last night the UK crew members (minus Gary who is ahem working in Ibiza) got together for the first time since returning from Tanzania. I’ve seen Leanne because of the edit and we’ve all kept in touch, however this was the first time we all met in person and for the first half an hour it was a bit odd. A bit like getting together with an ex that you still have love for and an intense shared history but you’re not sure how to talk about the weather with. Or as Leanne put it, it’s like we’ve shared something really intense and stressful. Indeed. Fortunately this is what gin was made for and after one drink all was fine and we were chatting over each other (or I was, bad habit that never dies) like normal.

The night will not be remembered for the over-priced G&Ts but for DOP Craig, pulling back his shirt like a midlands Clark Kent, to reveal his PILI tattoo. Given Craig’s commitment to have PILI remembered on his chest, I thought this moment should be honoured by sharing the first picture from the film on notanotheraidsfilm. I have been reticent to share pics from the film thus far because I don’t want to scupper any issues with getting a distribution deal, but one can’t hurt. This picture is a shot of ‘Pili’ in her home. Everything you see in the picture is how the family who own the home we used live, complete with the now iconic ‘Groly to God’ on the wall.



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