I need some FLAVA!

Editor Kant, Director Leanne, and Translator Kwame are speedily working away on the edit, which means I need to turn my attention to new things-i-didnt-envisage-me-doing-this-time-last-year (an occasional series) but need to get on with – music for the film!


We need a bangin bongo flava tune for the film, so…


Are you an up and coming bongo flava star looking for exposure?


Do you know a bongo flava queen who wants some film credit?


Are you in fact Diamond Platnumz ‘the Rolls Royce musician of East Africa’ and want to help out a novice producer and some women from Pwani?


Do you know of the new dope trap version of bongo flava that I’m too old to register?


If your answer is yes to any of these, get in touch! I can be reached by the comments section here, email or phone (all details on the QMUL website), or raven.


Just imagine your song over scenes like this…




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