After 6 weeks of government bureaucracy, a near-miss in a ravine, bucket showers, a LOT of rice and beans, a funeral, malaria, kidney stones, dust everywhere, the odd diva episode,  hundreds of consent forms for extras, one case of extortion, and a run in with police at the airport (props to the Dar airport police for seeing sense) – this film is wrapped and everyone is back at home in UK, Dar and Miono!

Over the coming weeks I’ll be updating the blog as to why it went quiet (thank you government of Tanzania – $2000 received, lots of papers submitted and no whiff of a permit), my love of the generosity of the people of Miono, Mandera and Makole, and of course what happened at the airport. But importantly for now I am going to sleep for a couple of days as making a film this good aint easy.

Much love to the awesome crew (-1 extortionist), cast, and general openness of the people of Miono who made this whole thing possible. I can’t quite believe we did it.


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