Get thee to Sheffield! Exhibition time ‘Pili and the Left Ones’ 27th – 29th April

What is not to love about Sheffield? Birthplace of Jarvis, a city in the countryside, and a university full of people I like. Now this great city has another bonus – it’s exhibiting the first showing of photographs from Pili from the 27th – 29th April as part of the Art, Expression, and Democracy seminar at Bank Street Arts.

Not only am I excited to be involved in this because it showcases some of the excellent work of DOP Craig and the whole thing has been put together by the super talented Holly Ryan, but the photographs will also be displayed alongside the work of Jane Laurie of whom I am a bit of a mega fan. If you don’t happen to live near Hackney Wick in London to visit her big heart you can see some of her work here.

Full details of the exhibition and the seminar can be found here

And more on the University of Sheffield Crick Centre’s Politics, Art and Expression project can be found here

I’m guessing it may be cold in Sheffield 27th-29th so you best get in doors and get to the exhibition.


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