Being the BBC


Deep in the depths of Maze Hill – an area of London I hadn’t heard of let alone visited – 3 talented actors + a producer and a Director invaded sound composer Tim’s bedroom to impersonate the BBC World Service for Pili to listen to on her radio.

Big thanks to Andrew, Katy and Lauren who should be snapped up by the BBC should Kirsty Wark, Mishal Husein or Justin Webb overdo it on some parliamentary canapés and not turn up for work the next day (and who could blame them, I’m surprised most journalists haven’t gone into post-Brexit hibernation until September). These talented three could switch from news presenter, interrogator, and academic expert with ease. I may ask them to stand in for me next time I get asked to go on the radio.


Thanks to composer Tim who recorded the excerpts with ease and helped out as Tom continues to work on the sound mix.

Blink and you may miss the small speaking parts (I say part, more a line) Leanne and I have on these recordings – our only cameo in the whole film. I thought I had got away with not being in the film and so secretly hoping my voice gets cut (apparently way too enthusiastic for reporting on the Bank of England MPC – this is not the first time I’ve been told this).


Thanks also to Hannah McNeish – a real journalist with a proper radio voice – for lending us her script, Phil Cowley for offering to play himself (but alas holiday trumps Maze Hill bedroom), and Gem Newby for trying to pull in her world service contacts. Turns out impersonating aunty is pretty easy when you’re a talented actor.


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