Vote for Leanne!



Director Leanne’s short film about Ebola health workers has been nominated for the Conscious Good Humanitarian Film Festival. This is excellent news and reflects Leanne’s commitment to and collaborations with the people of Freetown. Leanne and I met because of Ebola. It was her work and focus on the everyday experiences and contribution of Sierra Leoneans that made me want to work with her (and her mega talent obvs!).

A lot of these experiences and the continuing impact of Ebola on people’s lives can be overlooked as the global health world moves on to issues of Zika and Yellow Fever. Leanne’s film ‘Three best friends’ seeks to correct this.

This film deserves to win because it is 1) very good; 2) tells an important story; 3) was made on a shoestring; 4) Leanne is an ace Director who deserves recognition, if you don’t believe me here’s a pic of her running down a beach to the bafflement of Anitha and Gary:



Click on the link below and vote for Leanne and ‘Three best friends,’ then ask all your friends to do so, and their friends etc, until the film wins. It takes less than 2 minutes, I know this as I just voted and I am pretty lazy when it comes to these things.



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